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Types of Volunteering

Field Trips are always the first priority! After that, other needs identified by your student’s teachers may include helping with parties, food preparations, project preparations. Sierra School asks that each K-5 student’s family drive for at least three field trips per school year. Times are variable.


Room Parents – Take a lead role in working with your child’s teacher to plan parties, organize trips, collect book orders, or any other opportunity to assist the teacher.

Welcomers – Simply stand at an entrance and greet attendees with a smile and “Welcome” at various school events throughout the year.

Parent Ambassadors – Ambassadors let the Principal know they are willing to speak with or email prospective families about your own Sierra experiences. Also, be willing to contact newly enrolled Sierra families via email or in person, just to say hi and show them around.

Shutterfly Lead – Managing and updating the school’s Shutterfly sites. This is a big community building effort and also supplies many photos for the Yearbook.

School Musical – Help collect props, design the sets, sew costumes for our annual School Musical.

Sierra Family Association – Come to meetings; involve yourself in our school community! Take an active role in school events!

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