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“I believe the caliber of the students is high at Sierra. In fact, they screened our children, both intellectually and emotionally, to determine their ability to deal with school at the kindergarten level.”

- Sierra Parent

“Sierra provides a unique balance of academic and social-emotional learning opportunities which have provided my son the best opportunity to develop into a well-rounded student and citizen.”

- Sierra Student

“A mother of two Sierra students, says, “To me Sierra School has proven to be a dynamic learning community committed to student success. In partnership with parents, and in an atmosphere of open communication, Sierra school enables every student to reach its potential."

- Sierra Parent

“I am continually impressed by the positive atmosphere at Sierra School… It is due to the teachers’ belief that every student can be happy and successful at Sierra. This confidence is reciprocated by the children themselves who respond wholeheartedly.

- Father of Two Sierra Students

“My son attended high school here, graduating in 2010. I was extremely happy with this school. After attending a large middle school, coming here, was, quite frankly, a breath of fresh air. The school had everything we had been looking for."

- Sierra Parent

“The aspects of the program at Sierra School that were most important to us in choosing a school were the emphasis on mastery learning, the individualized program, and the dedication to maintain a structured, caring, safe environment."

- Sierra Parent

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