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Welcome to the Sizzling Summer Fun at Sierra School! Let’s be honest, we’re biased, but we believe we have the best Summer Program around. We believe that summer should be the perfect balance of academics and recreation-and that’s what we offer here at Sierra! We love our classes; we love our teachers; and we love our families. At Sierra, you’ll find classes that are age appropriate, academically challenging, creative and fun! Plus you’ll benefit from the flexibility in our schedule at competitive prices, with your child enjoying their summer in a safe environment. And just like our classes during the school year, you’ll experience an environment of academic excellence and life enrichment paired with summer fun!

Mornings are devoted to academics, focusing on reading, writing, and math. Whether your child needs extra help to be ready for the new school year, or wants to reinforce and enrich learning, then summer school is a great idea. Important skills tend to get a little rusty without regular practice over the summer. Taking some time each day to work on reading and math will keep those skills sharp.

Afternoons are devoted to the recreation program where art, hands on activities and outdoor fun make for an unforgettable summer! All activities are planned around exciting weekly themes. Click for Calendar.

Two Fun Filled Sessions start June 18th-July 13th, 2018 and July 16th-August 10th, 2018!

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