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My name is Ashley Verbrugge and I am the Science and Math teacher for the 6th through 12th grades this year. I love teaching at Sierra School. I have always enjoyed teaching and cannot think of anything that is more rewarding. I grew up in San Jose and attended San Jose State University for my Bachelors in Child and Adolescence Development. After completing my bachelors, I went to National University and graduated with my Teaching Credential and Masters in Education.

This year in High School, the 9th-12th graders are learning about the environment around them and around the world. This year High School will be studying Environmental Science. We are starting by learning about what makes up Environmental Science and how economics play a part in our environmental policies locally and around the world.

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This year in Junior High, the 6th-8th graders are going to use their observation skills as they observe the world around them in Physical Science. We will start with the study of matter (both small and big), elements, and the periodic table.

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In addition, all students 6th-12th grade will be studying math. I absolutely love math! I have always enjoyed exploring what I can do with numbers and symbols. I hope that the students in my class share my enthusiasm for math. I enjoy teaching them how to understand and develop skills to master concepts. I believe that learning math can be fun and enjoyable but for many students it can be like learning a whole new language with different rules and exceptions. Yet, the smile that comes across the students faces, once they unerstand, is priceless to me!

* More information to come about Math Club and Math Competitions*

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In Junior High, we also work with the students to help develop skills for social and academic success. This year we will start with looking within ourselves and making sure that we are showing others our real self. We will also talk about working in groups and how to respectively talk within the group. 

*Pictures to come*

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If you have any questions on homework or what is going on in my class, I would love to hear from you. During the week you should expect to hear back from me by the next day, although many times the response will be much sooner.

My email address is and you can also contact Sierra School at (408) 247-4740.

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