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Foreign Language Program

foreign-language Beginning in Kindergarten, students develop a basic understanding of Spanish language and the Hispanic culture through speaking, grammar, writing, listening, reading, music stories, and games.The elementary curriculum is designed to address the specific readiness skills to begin studying a language, foundational skills to continue language development and essential skills to master necessary competencies, giving students

a well-rounded foundation and appreciation of the language for further study.

Classes take place twice a week for Grades K-5. The 6-8 Junior High class meets three times/week, where quizzes, homework and tests are also integrated into the curriculum. All Spanish classes are taught by our native Spanish speaking teacher.

The goals of the K-5 Spanish program are for students to develop the following:

  • An ear for recognizing and pronouncing the sounds, intonations, and rhythms of the Spanish language when speaking or listening
  • The capacity to recognize and use basic vocabulary and grammatical concepts, allowing for communication pertinent to a child’s daily life
  • An understanding of the richness of Hispanic cultures and history and an appreciation for cultural differences
  • Motivation and commitment to engage in Spanish (and other language) learning beyond Lower School and throughout life

Junior High Spanish class: immerses students into the language and cultures of the Spanish- speaking world. Students begin to practice the four major language skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing— from the very first day. Units of study are developed around a practical vocabulary theme, allowing the grammar to be learned in a meaningful, contextual environment. Through a variety of student-centered activities, lectures, videos, songs, the internet, and language-focused games, students learn the vocabulary, culture, and grammar of Spanish and begin to obtain initial communicative competence in the language.

Sierra High school students: have the option of taking two years of Spanish as part of their foreign language requirement. In High School Spanish class, students continue developing and expanding the four critical language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Class is conducted almost entirely in the target language, enhancing not only the students’ comprehension of the vocabulary, grammar, and culture but also their ability to communicate with increasing fluidity and accuracy. The grammatical themes of High School Spanish are advanced, thus challenging the learner to think critically and analytically.

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