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Enrichment Program


Enrichment Activities:

Foreign language, educational field trips, art, music, and other activities round out each student's program.Instructors utilize a conversational approach along with games and a discussion of culture to teach each class Spanish. We believe this helps open students' minds at an early age to other cultures, while at the same time giving them basic knowledge of a second language.

Sierra SchoolSierra students also enjoy monthly field trips to reinforce and supplement the in-class learning experience.

We explore places such as the Tech Museum, the Exploratorium, Ano Nuevo, the Butterfly House, Discovery Museum, and a variety of other destinations. These trips provide fuel for the imagination when students are preparing to participate in our science fairs.

We open the door to the arts by attending plays, musicals, symphonies, and other performances at local theatres. These events often inspire students to enroll in our after-school classes, further expanding the diversity of their talents. Classes include ballet, tap, choir, and piano. Sierra also puts on musical productions in which every student participates either on stage or behind the scenes


Community Involvement

Sierra's nurturing environment promotes a sense of social responsibility and contribution. Through community involvement, we promote positive social growth. Walka-thons, penny and food drives, and visits to senior facilities are examples of events in which Sierra students participate.

Knowing they have made a positive impact on the lives of others, students feel empowered and earn a sense of pride.

Student Council

Every September, the children in fourth and fifth grades elect two officers to represent the classes K-5th on the Student Council. The Council meets monthly to plan charitable events, fundraisers, theme days, and other activities. Elementary students have the opportunity to partner with middle and high school students on Buddy Day—a day of supervised learning and fun! BBQs, spring carnivals, and school picnics are just a few of the other events planned by the Council.

"There's always something for us to do, not just read a book, if we finish our work. We have enrichment time."

- Sierra Student

"We do so many fun things. I'm on the Student Council, and we did things like Luau Day and the musical."

- Sierra Student

"I really like the people here. My friends are fun. My favorite field trip was going to the Butterfly House."

- Sierra Student

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