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Sierra K-12 students participate in a technology course called “Beyond Technology”. This is a weekly program that infuses technology into the regular classroom learning objectives, creating more effective and efficient learning. This class is taught by our Computer teacher. Students spend the first half of each quarter learning a specific program (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Desktop Publisher).

The second half of the quarter is devoted to a student project,using the program learned, and integrating it into a specific classroom unit of study.

All computer classes take place in a computer lab environment, where we provide all students with a laptop to use during class. The curriculum is divided into 4 quarter long units. The approach uses fun and topical themes that the students, parents and teachers love. Beyond Technology Education curriculum is written to a scope and sequence of learning objectives for grades K-8.

Below is the curriculum outline:

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High School Technology Program: Along with quarterly integration projects, High School students also participate in the CEO Marketing Program. Students create their own business, from the ground up, integrating marketing and business strategies with technology. Their final project consists of a class presentation on their company.

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