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Purpose Statement:

The purpose of Sierra School is to provide an educational environment that fosters the development of each student’s academic potential to the fullest; supports each student’s creativity, uniqueness, and individuality; and empowers each student to use his or her knowledge and personal integrity to make the world a better place for all.

Our Philosophy:

One of the founding tenets of Sierra School is that no two people learn in the same manner or at the same time. With this philosophy in mind, each new mainstream student to Sierra School is administered diagnostic tests to determine his/her current academic levels in math and reading. The teacher uses these test results along with one-on-one assessments to place the child in the appropriately leveled textbooks and workbooks.

Over the years, Sierra has embraced a very diverse student population. Students come to Sierra from a variety of countries including the U.S., Canada, India, Vietnam and China. Many of the students in grades 7-12 are nonnative English speakers.

Sierra’s ethnic and cultural diversity is easily recognizable; however, Sierra students are also diverse in their learning styles and abilities. Small class sizes and full-time aides make Sierra uniquely suited to meet most student’s needs at a very individualized level, regardless of whether a child is working at grade-level, requires enrichment, reteaching or simple accommodation in the classroom (such as modified lessons, one-on-one assistance or extended time for assignments and tests).

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