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                                                                               Welcome to 2nd/3rd grade!                                            

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                                                                               Mrs. Kim & Mrs. Eagleson


Hello! My name is Hanna Kim and I am your child’s 2nd/3rd grade teacher this year. I have taught for 4 years working with various grade levels but it is my first year at Sierra School. I have a CA Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and have both my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and my master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. To this day, my favorite part of teaching is when students get excited to learn or when they finally have their “a-ha! moment” after struggling with something.

Mrs. Gina Eagleson is our classroom instructional assistant and we are very lucky to have her in our class. She has also been the physical and health education teacher at Sierra for the past 5 years and will continue to do K-5 physical and health education classes this year. Mrs. Eagleson helps conduct small group activities in our class and encourages a growth mindset in our students. We both believe that it is important to not only help our students to grow as learners but also to be people of good character. In our classroom, we create a learning environment where students practice being kind, respectful and responsible.


About 2nd & 3rd grade: 

Students are instructed in the core academic subjects, at times rotating in small groups, working with students of similar skill sets and knowledge, and guided by one instructor or the other. Throughout the instructional day, students are also led by direct instruction, whole class activities, or working independently at their own level and pace. We have designed our instructional delivery to facilitate instruction that accommodates the individual students’ different needs. This provides a differentiated instruction for each student, and allows for closer student-teacher interaction.

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Students are placed into math groups by levels and/or learning needs. Math group instruction will usually include direct instruction, guided practice/review, and independent work. Students will often use mini white boards to practice problems in math and manipulatives are used to help students understand more abstract concepts. We use the Scott Foresman Mathematics textbook as part of our curriculum.

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Students are placed into groups by levels and/or learning needs. In language arts, students receive instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and spelling, along with the strategies to be successful in this learning. Spelling tests are given weekly for students to increase their high-frequency words and understand how to use them in context. Students also participate in oral reading, listening, discussion, and writing activities. They are encouraged in the class to write daily and also to be mindful of using correct formation, spacing, punctuation and neatness. We also use the Journeys Common Core reading curriculum. 

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Students study many topics in science such as cycles, plants, animals, food triangle, weather, space, planets and engineering design. We use both direct teaching and investigative approaches to learning science with a mix of hands-on activities and experiments.

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Social Studies:

In Social Studies, students explore topics such as America’s early communities, geography, immigration, ways of living, people at work, culture, and the celebration of diversity. 

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Below are some of the field trips/events planned for this year!

October: Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Patch/Safety Week/Halloween Parade

November: Giving Tuesday Community service Trip/Second Harvest Food Drive 

December: Winter Songfest

January: Ardenwood Farm/Spirit Week

February: Dr. Seuss Week March: Dr. Seuss Week/Theatre Works

April: Alum Rock Youth Institute

May: Spring Musical


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