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Julie Spickler Secretary, Board of Directors Sierra School

Julie was born in San Francisco, CA. She attended San Francisco public schools and graduated from Stanford University in 1962 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and then in 1965 with a MA.

Julie is employed with Stanford Bookstore as a bookseller. Prior to that, during the summers she worked at Yellowstone National Park and spent her winters working at Northstar-at-Tahoe for ski season.

Julie has been on the Sierra School Board of Directors since 2007. Prior to becoming a Board Member at Sierra School, she raised two boys who both attended Sierra School.

As a board member Julie has had the pleasure of working with a dedicated Administration and Staff. She feels that the Sierra Community is a unique group of individuals to whom she is proud to give her time and energy.

board of directors
Teri Berwick President, Board of Directors Sierra School

In 1972, Teri had a group of nine children and foster children living in her home, and she watched several of them struggle in school and several of them excel– in exactly the same programs. She had some very clear ideas about what she wished their education could be and what she felt they needed. A group of friends encouraged Teri to start her own school with those ideas and those ideals….and Teri says because she didn’t know better…she did!

As Teri worked to build Sierra School (originally called Sunreach), from the first year with a K-5 and a 6-8th grade group to the K-12 program Sierra has today, there have been some very exciting and rewarding times. There have been some amazing students who have participated in our school, and some equally incredible parents!

Teri has always loved teaching and working with children, and has cherished her involvement with Sierra. Although she hasn’t been an active part of the school staff for a long time, Teri has always been a member of the Board of Directors and during her first year at Sierra, she wrote the goals and purposes for the school that still accurately reflect the school we have today, over 40 years later!

Teri loves this school and is so proud of the things Sierra has accomplished, the children who have been educated and the families Sierra has been a part of.

Currently, in addition to being the President of the Board, Teri is the Vice President of Business Development for a Commercial Property Management company and also the founder of her own Property Management Company, specializing in single family homes.

board of directors
Don Jensen Treasurer, Board of Directors Sierra School

Don is the father of five adult children and a graduate of University of California. He has lived in the Bay Area all his life.

His early affiliation with Sierra School was as a teacher in the upper grades program and then as the Business Manager.

Don went on to establish a career in the financial services industry, spending 10 years in the Insurance Industry and the last 25 plus years in the Real Estate Industry. He currently works in both Commercial and Residential Real Estate Land Development.

Don was excited to reconnect with the Sierra school community when he was asked to serve on the Sierra Board of Directors. Don lends his business background in helping Sierra School expand and grow. He loves working on the future planning areas of the Board as well as seeing the learning process blossom in today’s young people. Being involved with Sierra School has always been a rewarding experience for him.

board of directors
Laura Jensen Member, Board of Directors Sierra School

Laura is a fourth generation Native Californian, born in San Juan Bautista. She is the oldest of four children and was raised on a farm.

Laura graduated from UCSC with a BA in Sociology and has a Masters of Library Science from San Jose State University. She was a flight attendant before becoming a teacher’s aide at Sunreach School (pre-cursor to Sierra). Laura has been a retail store manager as well as a small business owner. Laura is currently a caregiver for her extended family.

Laura is the mother of five successful adults and feels that her involvement with Sierra School has helped in developing her own parenting skills when addressing the uniqueness of each of her own children while reaching their full potentials.

Laura considers it a privilege to serve Sierra School.

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