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Sierra Junior High program (grades 6-8) offers educational excellence in a small class environment. We maintain an average ratio of 15 students per teacher.

MASTERY SYSTEM Students do not pass on to the next level of instruction until they have completed their current task. Whether a student is taking a spelling test, an end of unit math test, or doing a grammar assignment, all work must be completed, corrected and understood. This type of learning promotes an ongoing sense of success and achievement.

INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM Students are tested and evaluated in all areas to ensure proper placement. With tailor-made course of study, a challenging curriculum and one-to-one instruction, students are able to work to their full potential.

COMMUNICATION OF PROGRESS Through the use of regular progress reports, daily homework assignments and grades downloaded on our software grading site ThinkWave, quarterly report cards, and parent – teacher conferences, parents can keep informed of the student’s status, in both academics and behavior.

ENGLISH Reading, writing, and spelling skills are a cornerstone to a student’s education. Sierra takes a practical approach to English by studying all areas of language arts at every grade level. We focus on grammar, punctuation, and general reading and writing skills. In addition, students are given a broad exposure to literature, both classic and contemporary in the form of short stories, novels, poetry and drama.

SOCIAL STUDIES Students explore the various facets of how people live by studying an extensive Social Studies curriculum. Yearlong courses of study include Ancient Civilizations, Medievel and Early Modern Times, and US History.

SCIENCE The discovery process is key to learning about our world and all that is in it. Students practice scientific observation and experimentation, while studying the three areas of science: Earth, Life and Physical.

MATHEMATHICS Through careful assessment and observation, students are placed in a mathematics level that matches their abilities. Everything from Sixth Grade Math through Geometry is offered to Junior High students.

GENERAL COURSES Beside the four core academic courses taken daily, students also participate in the following courses:-Spanish (3 times per week)

-Computer (weekly)

-Fine Arts (every Friday)

-Physical Education (four times/week)

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