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Welcome to Sierra School's Upper School Physical and Health Education Program! Here at Sierra School our purpose is to provide an educational environment that fosters the development of each student’s academic potential to the fullest; supports each student’s creativity, uniqueness, and individuality; and empowers each student to use his or her knowledge and personal integrity to make the world a better place for all. In knowing this, we strive ourselves to provide our students with as many different possibilities and paths as we can. 

In our Physical and Health Education Program, our students will learn about many different sports and activities so that they receive a broad and full curriculum making sure that we can foster and support each students' uniqueness, creativity, and individuality. This will be seen through the content of sports, activities, and wellbeing. 

We will be learning about: locomotor movements, soccer, kickball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, creative movement, fitness stations, health and the human reproductive system, flag football, badminton and yoga. 

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