Sierra’s educators are the best the Bay Area has to offer.

To guide students on the path to a well-balanced, culturally rich life, our faculty encourages enthusiasm for academics and for the arts.

Sierra provides a unique balance of academic and social-emotional learning opportunities which have provided my son the best opportunity to develop into a well-rounded student and citizen.”

Each teacher possesses the knowledge, experience, and love for teaching that is necessary to guide and inspire students to realize their full potential.

Further, we strive to help students develop a solid sense of self-worth and integrity so that they will not only be scholars but also strong, community-minded individuals prepared to succeed in the many realms of our diverse society.
A mother of two Sierra students, says, “To me Sierra School has proven to be a dynamic learning community committed to student success. In partnership with parents, and in an atmosphere of open communication, Sierra school enables every student to reach it
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Faculty & Staff


First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
Stefanie Hoover Principal E-mail
Sandy Prince Vice Principal/Business Manager E-mail
Liz Foley Office Administrator E-mail


First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
Bindi Aibara 2-3 Aide E-mail
Kelly Blank 2-3 Teacher E-mail
Gina Eagleson 4-5 Teacher E-mail
Stefanie Hoover 6-12 English History Teacher E-mail
Leigh Monistere K-1 Teacher E-mail
Rosalba Sokhanvari Spanish Teacher E-mail
Ashley Verbrugge 6-12 Math/Science Teacher E-mail
Tiffany Wilson 6-12 History/Assistant Teacher Math Teacher E-mail
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