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Learning to read and reading often are critical skills and habits that are important to develop at an early age in life. Because developing literacy skills early in a child’s life is important, it is up to you as a parent to encourage your child to read. Here are a few tips to get your child to pick up a book:


Set a Good Example

As the old idiom goes, “monkey see monkey do.” Essentially, by setting a good example by reading yourself, your child will be more likely to pick up a book and start reading. Not only should you read in your own time when your child can see you enjoying reading, but you should also establish family reading times or “read aloud” time in your house. By making reading a group or parent-child activity, children are more likely to find joy in reading on their own. Additionally, by reading to your child everyday beginning at the age of 8 months, you can make reading a normal and enjoyable part of everyday life.

Make Reading Fun

If your child isn’t exposed to books and activities surrounding reading that are enjoyable, they probably won’t associate reading with being much fun. In order to make reading more attractive, plan trips to your local library during children’s hour, allow your child to pick out or buy a new book of their choosing once a week, and encourage children to enroll in reading incentive programs through their school or library.

Offer Rewards for Reading

If setting a good example and allowing your child to pick their own books isn’t working, try to set up a rewards system of some sort within your home. A reward system could be something as simple as a star chart, a treat for reading a certain number of hours per week, or a fun thing a child gets to do after completing their reading for the day. By offering rewards, you’ll be creating a positive association with reading for your child.

Have Clear Expectations

If your child doesn’t love to read, it’s likely that they’ll probably try to fight you on how much time they need to allot to reading each day. As a parent, it’s important that you have clear expectations for reading. Talk about how important reading is, why reading is enjoyable, and set a standard for reading at least 30 minutes each day. It’s important that you make reading a priority, and limit other activities if the reading requirement isn’t met.

This article was written by Morgan Feeley, an avid reader who hopes to impart her love of reading to you and your family. Original Source: Click Here

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